Investment Department

Investment Department    The department operates effectively and efficiently for the purpose of investing expatriates savings, developing of different profitable centers through increasing of resources, transfer of modern technology and continued enhancing of investment operations and services such ...


Almuhajir for Hotel-Style Fuished Flats- Alumhjir Four Towers

Almuhajir for Hotel-Style Fuished Flats- Alumhjir Four Towers Real Estate Investment Projects for Expatriates: Motive: As the real estate investment has been remarkably progressing, notably, in the hotel field, Almuhajir Inteational Company preemptively adopted the idea of venturing business in this industry. It targeted construction of ...


Tourism in PortSudan

Tourism in PortSudan Almuhajir Travel & Tourism Agency Incorporated: 12 September 2001 Headquarters: West of Almoghtaribein Organ Premises. Concession: International Aviation Transport Association (IATA) member Agency Activity: Main Umra Tour Operator since 1421 H Main Hajj Tour Operator Air ...


Almuhajit Co. for Construction &Investment Ltd

Almuhajit Co. for Construction &Investment Ltd   Almuhajir Engineering: Established 2000 for operation in the field of civil engineering and contracting and it has been qualified by major consultancy companies, public and private corporations such as (Aldar Consultancy, Abdel Salam Amasaib &Amin Hasabo and Techno ...


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